Blue Pure Goat Milk Whitening Lotion 150ml


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    Goat Milk whitening lotion is formulated after extensive research. it contains goat milk that has been used as a healthy , natural part of skincare fro centuries

    Goat milk contains lactic acid, an alpha hydroxyacid, that aids in braking downdead skin cells allowing th skin to naturally rejuvenate

    In addition, it is packed with essential vitamis and nutrients including vitamins A, known for its ability to repair damaged tissue and reduce lines and wrinkles. Also vitamin E, C, and B as well as amino and citric acids, unsaturated fatty acids and zinc

    Goat milk whitening lotion is suitalble for all types of skin. It does not contain mercury steroids, bleach or other harmfull ingredients


    Use a suitable amount and apply daily on face and body after shower

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    Additional information

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    Dimensions 15 × 15 × 20 cm